Hip Hop





Musical Journey:
My Musical journey started when I first moved to Canada from Jamaica. I had no idea what hip hop was, just the few mainstream songs. After settling down, that’s when I met my older cousin City. He started to show us freestyles, rap battles etc. That where it started I was immediately intrigued on how these guys were rapping like the words the emotion. Those days it was all mostly Philly rappers I listened to like meek mills, NH, kaboom, reed dollaz and many more. At 13 years old I started free-styling and it quickly became something I love and my talent began to develop.

Artistic Influences:
In terms of influence I’d say have a few. Future I would say is one of my biggest in terms of motivation. Especially his mixtape 56 nights. The way he puts his charisma and emotion into his craft is unmatched. I take A page from how he operates and put it in my music. Other Influences would be artists like Meek Millz, Drake, lil Wayne, Styles P, Mavado, Vybz Kartel that’s just to name a few but there’s many more.

Creative Process;
My Creative process is pretty simple. I usually start with the beat and get a feel on which direction I want to go with the song. Whether it be heartfelt, club type or any other. First I work out the chorus then record it in the studio. Then I would vibe out to the chorus while writing the verses then record the rest.

Cultural Impact
HipHop has influenced almost everything such as fashion, lifestyle. Almost every trend these days has become popular because of hip hop. The biggest for me is the dancing you can see in many different styles of hip-hop. It always plays a part in how the dance is

Messages And Themes
The main message I’m trying to convey is that you don’t have to be a gangbanger, drug dealer to make it in hip-hop. I feel that’s the main message many of these artists are telling these kids which I wanna prove is false. I find this message so important because it affects our future generations. I don’t want that negative message being pushed to my children because it doesn’t breed any good.

Challenges and Obstacles
A few challenges I’ve faced are things like gatekeepers, funding, and marketing. In my city it’s very hard to be discovered unless you know the guys who do all the hiphop promotion in the city. You would have to be from where they’re from or it’s a no go even if you pay the money they ask for.Thats why no I look for hip hop promoters outside my city they are more receptive. Funding has always been an issue because I don’t do the streets anymore. I’ve been actively looking for grants etc.

Future And metro boomin. I chose them because I think metros beats are more to my style of rap and future because he is one of my biggest influences.

Evolution of HipHop
It has evolved into something great over the years. I couldn’t be more proud of the genre and to see the diversity that came with it. I believe once we as the hiphop community get over everyone sounding the same we can dominate the numbers the way the pop genre and many others dominate.

Personal highlights
My best moments up to now I can say would be my first tour. That really opened my eyes on how much I really love doing this and how I was made to do this. That brought me to the peak of understanding what I need to do and how to execute a plan and get what I want out of it in the long run.

Advice For Aspiring Artist
Just be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you how to rap just be you and be able to take constructive criticism at the same time.

Impact Of Technology
I love what technology has done for the music business. It allows artists who don’t have access to labels to be able to put their music out to the masses. Social media made it so the artist can connect with fans wherever they are. What more can you ask for that’s a plus in my book.

Future Projects
I got something coming as you can hear from the sound. All I can say is it’s gonna be something Savoury.


SavourySmug – Phase 2